Why Choose Us?

Some important things to note about what sets us apart.

Like other saturated industries, there are fly by night people popping up everyday claiming to be a professional company that can help you fix your credit. We are sure you know any old Jo Blow should not be considered for such a crucial task that has a direct impact on your livelihood. It is wise to ignore those over-promising ads guaranteeing what your gut tells you is too good to be true and seek help from a company with years of experience, a professional image & a proven track record. That’s Us! 

Our reviews speak volumes and the fact that the CEO is transparent with her own credit status exhibits we are true experts in this field that not only has proven success with clients but also in our own personal lives. A lot of so called “Credit Repair” companies or know it all people trying to advise you on your credit and finances haven't even mastered their own…

With PC&C you can rest assured that we eat, sleep, breathe credit so we have gone above and beyond with specialized training and education to ensure our knowledge and skill set is always superior and we are ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer protection law and changes in the industry. Therefore we have implemented our expertise, yielding great results in our own life as well as our clients and can prove it  Most importantly, we have a solid reputation for being an honest, trustworthy, reliable company that operates ethically. You’d never have to worry about any funny business with us as we value morals and upholding our good reputation.

Also, keep in mind that most others think the credit improvement process is as simple as sending dispute letters and paying debts off but that is so far from the truth. We believe the most important aspect of credit improvement is EDUCATION on how credit works, why it works the way it does, what actions are most harmful and what actions help build and maintain good credit. So instead of leaving this info out like other companies that want you to keep coming back to them- providing substantial knowledge that will help our clients succeed is an integral part of our program. We expect our clients to be able to maintain good credit for life once they graduate from our program.


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Certified Credit Consultant 

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