The Process 

1) Evaluate

The first step is to have us review and analyze your credit situation. We do this by having you pull your Tri-merge credit report so that we can thoroughly audit all 3 Bureau reports from We provide you with a comprehensive report for the client to keep usually ranging from 10-20 pages. It specifically outlines what is hurting and helping client’s scores. Along with detailed education about the fundamentals of credit, the Audit Report will also list specific actions the client can take to start improving their score as well as highlight the derogatory accounts that could potentially be disputed. 

After we review all of this we discuss it with the client during the consultation, making sure they achieve a clear understanding of their situation and how credit works in general. We then determine the best course of action in the client’s best interest. All clients may not be a good fit for our credit restoration program as we do have strict guidelines we need the client to abide by to ensure they do not hinder results we help them achieve. It’s not just about the money, we truly want our clients to win. So if it turns out a client is not ready for a new disciplined lifestyle, we prefer not to service them until they are. There will be times we may determine that a client needs to take other steps 1st before enrolling. These steps may be ones our company can assist with or possibly not. We will honestly advise client on all options. For those who do qualify and we feel we can certainly deliver the results they need- We enroll them and move on to the next steps.

2) Eliminate

This is the part everybody likes to rant and rave about…disputes that lead to deletions of inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or unverifiable info that was negatively impacting client’s scores. (This is not to be confused with permanently eliminating debts tied to certain deleted accounts) We love to advocate for our clients and get those pesky negatives off of the reports but thats only 1 piece to the puzzle. 

3) Educate

This is the other major piece of the puzzle. Several pieces actually. We provide our clients with ongoing consulting to ensure they become quite knowledgeable about credit- from how it works, how to build positive credit, how to avoid credit mistakes, how to bounce back from mistakes, what’s needed to maintain good credit and so much more! We deliver education verbally, visually and provide documents so that such vast amount of information can be retained. We don’t limit education strictly to credit either. Remember we are a subsidiary of Precise Financial Services LLC so plenty of other financial resources will be available to our clients in efforts to improve their finances as a whole. So as negative accounts are being removed, positive credit is also being built and calculated moves are being made to optimize all results.

4) Empower!

Ahhh, the best part! The finish line…of the race that is; not the lifelong marathon that maintaining good credit really is. Once a client has reached their goals (or are well on their way and feel they can take it from there), they leave our program equipped with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to maintain their improved financial status for life. This is indeed very empowering and liberating. Helping as many people as possible achieve financial freedom is our goal and good credit is an integral key to that achievement.

A Word From Our CEO...

"The better your credit, the less you pay for your lifestyle. The less you pay for a car, home, insurance premiums etc, the more cash you save. The more cash you save, the more you can invest. On top of investing cash, you can pay super low rates to use the bank's money to invest. The more you invest, the more returns on your investments. The more returns, the more you repeat the cycle and build wealth! Wealth=Freedom! That’s what I call #preciseliife"

This lifestyle is waiting for you…