Mission & Values

Mission Statement

We aim to empower clients coming from all walks of life by equipping them with the education, tools, and resources they can utilize to improve their credit. We will also act not only as consultants but also as advocates who will work diligently on their behalf to ensure their rights under consumer protection laws are respected. Each client's experience shall exhibit our 5 core values: Client Satisfaction, Integrity, Passion, Knowledge, and Transparency. No client shall walk away displeased as their expectations shall not only be met, but exceeded. Ultimately, we strive to provide results that truly improve one's quality of life. Finances tend to be a "problem" in many peoples eyes...our goal is to turn finances into a solution.

Core Values


In a world where deceptive practices have run ramped for way too long, PC&C still and always will take pride in operating with Integrity. In our world, honesty truly is the best policy. Our customers never have to think twice about their confidential information being compromised or being swindled out of their hard earned money with empty promises. Our word is our bond and our reputation ride on that. We value our customers and brand too much to ever jeopardize our integrity.


What is the point of doing it if you don't like it? Some businesses just enter a field where there is money to be made, but their heart is not in it. Here at PC&C, we LOVE what we do! Our customers who have been to others before us can confirm this makes such a difference in the results achieved. This business was not built on just earning money, it was inspired by a passion and the love of helping people. We are strong advocates for consumer rights and financial literacy who believe we have the tools to change lives.


"Knowledge is Power" may be an overused phrase, however it has proved to be true. The more you know, the more you become aware of how to go about crucial decisions in life. One of many areas this applies to is your finances. Most people who find themselves in financial difficulties continuously are those who simply are not aware of how to fix that, or better yet, prevent it. We here at PC&C have tirelessly studied all the relevant information necessary to service our customers.



Client Satisfaction

Let's be honest - the customer is not always right lol. However, we firmly believe that the customer should always leave happy. At PC&C, we go above and beyond to bring satisfaction. At the minimum as our goal is to exceed expectations. Just as no customer is perfect, neither is any business but we believe in working collectively with our customers to resolve any issues that may arise in the most respectful accommodating way. More importantly we, strive hard for perfection in the area of customer service so our intentions are to ensure issues do not arise and all customers have a 100% hassle-free and enjoyable experience utilizing our service.


We aim to build relationships with our clients in a partnership aspect. Yes, we will exercise our expertise on your behalf, but we will keep you in the loop every step of the way. Our clients pay for services we believe they have a right to know exactly what there getting at all times. We like to keep open lines of communication with our clients so that we are always on the same page. Working collaboratively with clients allows the client to feel more comfortable and gives opportunities for the client to share more insight on their needs which helps us to better assist them getting the number of precise results deserved!

We are pretty awesome, come join the family!