Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q1) I hear Credit Repair is a scam. How do I know this is legal and that your company is not just trying to take my money?

Like many industries, there are certainly some bad apples who claim to repair credit that give the industry a bad name. However, Credit Repair is not a scam as it is YOUR LEGAL RIGHT under Consumer Protection laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Fair Credit Billing Act and more. These laws were enacted after many studies revealed that Credit Reporting was way too loosely handled, allowing millions of errors to hurt millions of peoples credit files. So these laws made it possible to finally combat these misleading reports still happening every day. It’s your choice to fight back or be a victim of the GREEDY Credit Bureaus who actually profits more money off poor credit files than clean, excellent credit files. So don’t think for a second that it’s just a coincidence as to why they frown upon getting help from Credit Repair Companies.


To encourage you to seek professional help in holding them accountable would be a conflict of interest since it could possibly take away from the BILLIONS they make annually selling your data. Therefore, those who benefit from it- aim for more news about the bad apples in the credit industry to get spread instead of the wonderful jobs the reputable, ethical companies do to change lives. As with any other type of business you just have to use research and intuition to determine who the good companies are and avoid the shady ones when you see red flags. Here at PC&C, we are 100% in compliance with the laws that govern Credit Repair Companies. Also, our reviews and results speak volumes. Continue researching what best fits your needs until YOU feel comfortable. No pressure!

Q2) What exactly will you do to improve my credit?

We help clients improve their credit and achieve financial goals by offering a variety of services that all play into the desired results being achieved. We Audit and evaluate your credit reports and create a customized plan of action for you. After a thorough analysis of your overall credit profile, we identify and dispute inaccurate negative accounts on your behalf, which challenges the creditors and Bureaus to investigate and properly report or delete the negative items from your file in accordance with consumer protection laws. We educate you through verbal consultation, and written materials on what actions to take and not to take in efforts to build good credit.


(This is very important and most credit repair companies don't provide real education, they just dispute for you but no in-depth education.) We provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to not only achieve excellent credit but also maintain it! We also provide a variety of other financial services such as budget assistance, tax planning/preparation, small biz start-up whereby these are all areas that can impact how well you handle your credit.

Q3) How long does the credit restoration process take?

Everyone's situation is different, therefore, the time it takes to see optimal results will vary based on how many negative inaccurate, obsolete, incomplete or unverifiable items are on your credit reports. How well you implement the actions you are advised to do will make a big difference as well. This will be a team effort. The sooner you act on recommendations made the sooner you can see results. It also depends on the credit bureaus properly doing their job by heeding the federal law, Fair Credit Reporting Act. 


By law, we cannot promise/guarantee specific results within a specific time frame but typically you can start seeing results in as little as 30-45 days but we recommend staying committed to our services for at least 3 months to see significant improvement. An average time frame for optimum results is usually 3-6 months but could be longer in special situations. You will be updated regularly on your progress and once you meet your credit goals are mission is accomplished. We do not make you sign a long-term contract, services are month to month so you can cancel whenever you decide to with proper notice.

Q4) How much will your service cost and what does it include?

For credit improvement, we offer 3 packages which all include a thorough audit, analysis, and plan of actions as well as in-depth education and consulting on a monthly basis. Also, a client portal is provided where clients can check progress, view resources etc.

• Audit & Consulting only: This is for those who do not have negative items needing to disputed but do need education and guidance on how to improve, maintain good credit. The initial Audit/ Plan of Action is $149 and the monthly consulting fee is $39/month

• Moderate Credit Restoration: This is for those who have moderate negative items needing to be disputed such as late payments, collections, charge-offs but does not include Public Records such as judgments, bankruptcies, liens. The Audit is $199 and the monthly fee is $79.

• Major Credit Restoration: This is for clients with more severely damaged profiles containing public records that need to be disputed as well as all other types of negative items. The Audit is $249 and the monthly fee is $99.

All payments are charged only after service is rendered. The Audit fee is due after you receive audit and consultation. 1st monthly payment is not due until 30 days after the Audit.

Q5) Why pay a company? Can’t I just do this myself?

You ABSOLUTELY can attempt to repair your own credit! If you feel you have the time, patience and organizational skills it takes then go for it. However, many of our customers admitted they tried to tackle this challenge by themselves only to realize that the process is a lot more time-consuming, tedious, confusing and frustrating than they thought. Without years of research, experience and specialized systems in place, the process is usually too stressful for the average consumer. Some do see results but not the results they had hoped for or in the time frame they needed it.


Hiring a professional company takes the burden off your hands and speeds up the process thanks to expert level techniques & tactics that are not generally available to consumers to learn. These were achieved through extensive trainings that required significant money and time investment that would generally seem unwarranted for a consumer. So, you have the option to simply pay for a professional quality of work done for you, if you so choose not to go at it alone. The same way all other service-based business work, like Lawyers, Tax Preparers, Mechanics, Plumbers, even

Q6) Someone told me to just pay off all my debts to fix my credit, seems like I should spend my money on that instead of hiring a credit restoration company?

Millions of Americans make the mistake of thinking simply paying off all there past due debts will fix their credit but find out the hard way that they spent all that money and the score barely increased or even dropped. Don't let this be you! Paying a collection debt doesn’t mean it will come off of your credit report. What it does mean is that now it will be reported as a “Paid Collection.”  This is the most common myth when it comes to a collection account.  The collection agencies will lie to you to get your money.  They have been known to say, “Yes, we will update your account if you pay this collection account”. 


Did you really hear what they said?  Updating doesn’t mean DELETING your negative collection account; it just means updating to show that you finally paid the collection account.  This will then appear as “Paid collection”. Honestly, a “Paid” collection is just as bad as an unpaid collection in many cases which puts you back at square 1. So this again is where having a professional consultant comes in handy. We will advise and teach you in how to correspond efficiently with your creditors & the collection agencies while protecting your credit profile. We will only make recommendations that are in your best interest.

Q7) Can information be removed from my credit reports even if it belongs to me?

Any information on a credit report can be removed, but it has to be removed due to a violation of some type as outlined in the various laws enacted to protect you (the consumer), so anything that violates these laws or minimum standards we can identify and properly dispute using our expertise & vast knowledge of the laws and how the Bureaus/Debt Collectors work. So yes, removal of any accounts including judgments, liens, collections, charge-offs, bankruptcies, late payments etc that are reporting as incorrect, obsolete or incomplete can be deleted as a result of our dispute methods.

Q8) So once negative items are removed does that mean the debt is discharged?

This is a very important question many consumers are misinformed about due to misleading information often spread around. Our company believes in honesty, transparency, and ethical practices so if you have assumed deletion of negative accounts officially relieves you of payment obligations, we must inform you that is not quite the case. Depending on if you really owed a debt or not we advise you to negotiate and make payments to those whom you do.


Failure to do so could result in the debt coming back if they end up finding proper documentation to prove you owe them even though they were not able to during time account was originally investigated. We will educate you on how to properly deal with debt collectors and advise you on what's the most efficient route to go as strategies will vary depending on situational factors. Deletions of certain negatives are great because of the positive impact it has on your credit profile and credit score. However, the debts attached do not just permanently go away unless the statute of limitations has passed; they could still pursue you for the debt.

Q9) Can items that were deleted show back up on the credit report?

Yes but that's a rare situation as it can only occur if the reporting party gains possession of proper documentation that proves the item is valid and reporting accurately and in compliance with reporting standards. If they didn't have it the first time it was disputed and removed it usually won't magically show up in their office later although there is a small chance they actually did retrieve proper documentation. There is also a law that specifically protects consumers from deleted items being reinserted without proper notification in a specific timeframe that credit reporting agencies usually ignore. That's where your professional credit consultant comes in and calls them out for it and therefore can usually get it removed again.

Q10) Do you guarantee all negative items will be deleted?

Absolutely not. Once again, this company believes in ethical and honest practices and federal law specifically states that credit repair organizations are not to guarantee a specific outcome as realistically we are not in control of all factors relating to this process and we are not psychics. ANY COMPANY OR PERSON THAT PROMISES ALL NEGATIVE ITEMS WILL BE DELETED OR GUARANTEES A SPECIFIC SCORE/INCREASE IS IN NOT IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW AND YOU SHOULD BE WARY OF THEM.


Most likely they care more about making a sale to get your money by telling you what you want to hear rather than being honest and ethical. With that being said, it is very possible to get all negatives deleted but if that's not the outcome, rest assured that it's so many other factors that can help improve your credit and we specialize in consulting you on the steps you can take to improve your credit so we are attacking your credit goals from various angles unlike many credit repair companies that just dispute only which can actually prove to be ineffective in many cases if the in-depth education on building and maintaining positive credit is not offered.

Q11) What if I don't have credit at all, can you help me?

Sometimes people mistakenly assume they have nothing on their credit and later find out they do. So the 1st step is always confirming your credit status by pulling your tri-merge reports. If you indeed have no credit, we most certainly can get you on the right track to establishing credit. Not only that, we will educate you on how to KEEP good credit and never need it repaired in the future. We will most likely recommend the audit & consulting only plan. 

Q12) Do you assist with Bankruptcy or debt settlement?

We do not offer assistance with filing Bankruptcy. We will not advise you on Bankruptcy matters but we suggest at least getting a credit report audit/consultation to determine if repairing your credit is a realistic option, even though you may feel it can't be repaired. - Let an expert be the judge of that. It may not be as bad as you think and may not be worth the damage filing bankruptcy will do to your credit file. (If you go to a Bankruptcy lawyer most likely they will tell you to file because that’s how they make money; at the expense of ruining your credit.

We will give you our HONEST opinion on if we believe we can help improve your situation or if you are not a candidate for any of our programs. Being that we have a money back guarantee - we won't take you as a client if we can't get you results! If you have already filed bankruptcy and want help rebuilding credit -  we are able to help with that. We are not a debt settlement company but we can offer limited assistance with settling certain debts in addition to your credit disputing when warranted.

Q13) You have multiple offerings, How do I know which service is best for me?

Carefully read the descriptions of our services and if you are already aware of whats on your credit profile, you may be able to determine which offering fits your needs best. If that's the case, go ahead & sign up for the service. If you have no clue what's going on with your credit or don’t quite understand- but just know you want help, that’s fine too. The first step is pulling your credit reports. If you would like us to review it & advise you on what services of ours (if any) is right for you- we can do that on a discovery call after pre-screening your tri-merge report. Please retrieve it from our preferred monitoring site: and send us the login credentials and we will review it and get back to you within 72 hrs. If for some reason you do not become a client, the trial period only cost $1 if canceled within 7 days.

Q14) Are there any additional costs to be expected while enrolled in one of your programs?

Yes. In order to most efficiently serve our clients, our program requires clients to maintain monthly membership with our preferred credit monitoring site so that we can track your progress. The cost you would pay to them is 19.99/m. If for some reason you do not become a client, the trial period only cost $1…but we highly recommend keeping the monitoring service at 19.99/m either way as it shows you all 3 bureau reports and scores, unlike free sites like credit karma. It also has the most detailed reports which make repairing your credit and protecting your identity from theft much easier.

Q15) Do you pay people for referrals they send to your company?

We sure do! As a token of appreciation for support from our clients, we pay them for each person they send which is an awesome perk of our program. But even those who do not have a need for our services personally have an opportunity to earn income by referring new clients to us. Ask about our Affiliate Partner Program.