Company Background

Our Story: The Who, How & Why…

Precise Credit & Consulting is a brought to you proudly by Precise Financial Services LLC, which has been in business since 2012- aiming to bring people’s journey to financial freedom full circle with our various services. Precise Credit & Consulting is one piece to that puzzle, but a mighty big piece! Our CEO: 3 times College Graduate, Sommer Patterson- is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has an exceptional understanding of how financial systems work, especially in the credit industry. This has led to her exercising good financial behaviors resulting in her own economic empowerment. She strives to lead by example and impart such pivotal knowledge on others who desire to break free from the chains of financial illiteracy. Ms. Patterson is aware that certain information is strategically left out of certain communities to keep cycles going that need to be broken. She grew up in a community and era where credit & financial literacy was not thoroughly taught to youth in the public school system or in most homes. Even the college courses barely scratched the surface. So it was truly against the odds that she subconsciously learned good money habits growing up in her single-parent household. After seeing her mother skillfully handle what could be an overwhelming struggle for others; budgeting, saving, and paying bills on time came naturally once she started working in her teenage years. So by the time she turned 18, to her surprise she began getting credit card offers immediately. Still lacking any formal education in the area of credit, fortunately for her, she was already experienced with paying bills and it just came naturally to pay them on time. As she entered college a struggling student-she utilized her credit more, obtaining higher credit lines she was shocked to receive, student loans to help cover school costs and even purchased a reliable car. That 730 score she had before age 21 turned out to be a powerful tool that truly helped carry the load when her cash just couldn't stretch as far as she needed it to. 

Well, one day she made a bad decision after letting a “friend” persuade her to utilize her good credit in an irresponsible way. Fast forward 90 days, 5 phone lines in her name which somehow accumulated a $2200 balance once she finally wised up and canceled the lines. She certainly didn't have that to pay and of course, the “friend” left her hanging so that resulted in a collection account. She was upset about it but didn't realize just how much this collection would prevent moves she wanted to make until her $6000 credit card was not renewed due to the new derogatory info on her report and upon applying for a private student loan she needed SHE WAS DENIED. This devastating chain of events is what led to her obsession with getting educated about credit and getting her score back in the 700’s, as she had realized she took for granted the security, comfortability, and flexibility having good credit had afforded her when cash was tight.

She ended up calling the collection agency who was rude and demanding to her but let her settle for $1700. Eventually, she got a rude awakening that $1700 later her credit was still suffering and she was still being DENIED.…She ended up pulling her credit reports and also noticed on top of the paid collection still being there, so was other incorrect info reporting she wasn't aware of which was also negatively affecting her scores. It was at this point she hired a professional credit repair company to dispute info on her behalf as she knew she was busy with her full-time college schedule. She paid for the service upfront in one lump sum and at first seemed like it was a good choice since she saw a deletion early in the process but later got nervous as communication and customer service from the company went m.i.a when she had the most questions and had not seen any more results. 

Long story shortened: She decided to take matters in her own hands and gave herself another course she should have had long ago. It was the credit and all you need to know course! It was taught by herself to herself using extensive research from many sources, which she eventually learned that a lot of bad info is out there on google but after employing great research skills she learned in college- she was able to narrow down on the most accurate and relevant info. The company eventually got back in touch with her after a while and apologize for lack of communication. It took a little while longer but they also got everything removed they said they would. So she was so relieved that it ended well but by that time she was already so deep in her learning about credit, she was too intrigued to stop there. Plus it was alarming to her that a professional company would be that inconsistent in its communication. She then learned the consumer protection laws that even make credit repair possible and how to use them for leverage in disputes if she ever needed to go through that process again.

When she left the 600’s to go back to the 700 club she felt herself again but even more empowered with her new found passion. She has been able to achieve some awesome goals at a young age she may not have been able to achieve if she didn't have excellent credit. Appreciation of this led to a lifestyle. Thousands of hours of studying the ins and outs of credit, and implementing tactics on her personal credit for trial and error research. Next, her loved ones closest to her reaped the benefits of her knowledge to achieve better credit. Then after years of that other friends and clients got wind of her obsession and requested her to offer her expertise as a service. With so much already on her plate, she feared she wouldn't have enough time to do so, but she took very few clients here and there if they wouldn't take no for an answer. 

Successfully helping others improve their credit situation was a very rewarding feeling. So she set out to expand her credit expertise by investing in more specialized levels of education as a business- attending conferences, seminars, trainings and boot camps specifically for businesses that offer credit restoration. Before rolling out any new services, our CEO believes in ensuring the company is fully equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to offer a quality service in the most efficient manner possible, that will exceed client expectations. So now that you know the story behind how & why Precise Credit & Consulting was started; You better believe we are truly passionate and dedicated to bringing you some of the BEST service and education in this industry! We are your key to opening doors to so much more! #preciseliife​​​​​​​